The Lab

The SIPPRE Group is located at the Univeristy of Peloponnese, in the Patras Campus. The lab facilities can be found in the K-building, 1st floor, where the Department of the Electrical & Computer Engineering is located. The lab is already equipped with software and hardware equipment for conducting research in the area of Digital Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition.

  • Virtual Reality equipment (HTC Vive Focus)
  • HD Panasonic Video Camera
  • Extech Polymeter
  • GW Instek GPC-1850-D Power Supply
  • Rigol DS 1102D Osciloscope
  • Rigol Waveform Generator DG1022
  • Textronix TLA 6401 Logic Analyzer
  • Monitor speakers M-AUDIO BX-5A
  • Shure Dynamic Microhones
  • Mac Pro Workstations
  • Monitor Headphones AKG
  • Cyton and Daisy (16 channel) EEG and Biosensing Board
  • Gaglion Board (4 channels)
  • Myoware Muscle Sensors
  • Pulse sensor (Heart rate monitors)
  • Development boards: Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
  • Google Voice Kit
  • Deep Learning Dev Boards: Jetson TX2 Development Kit
  • Deep Learning workstation feat. NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti graphics card.
  • MATLAB R2020a
  • Tensorflow
  • in house software tools and packages (available on our github page)
Dark Sleep Room / EEG Recordings Room

The lab is in the process of constructing  a dedicated room, fully equipped with all the necessary furniture and hardware for EEG recordings in various situations (especially whole night during sleep).